BREAKING: John Bolton EXPOSED – New Evidence Ruins Him

Former national security advisor John Bolton was just completely exposed. This new evidence could ruin his career — which is already severely damaged after betraying President Donald Trump.

Writing for Fox News, former Trump advisor KT McFarland recounted an interaction she had with Bolton while both of them were waiting to go on television. Bolton referred to Trump as an “idiot.”

It reportedly happened on Election Day 2016 as they were in the Fox News green room. McFarland asked Bolton if he had voted yet, and he responded in an unexpectedly shocking way.

“Yes, for Trump,” said Bolton. “He’s an idiot, but anybody is better than Hillary Clinton.” Unsurprisingly, this exchange made her skeptical about what the future held.

Bolton later became Trump’s national security advisor. According to McFarland, he “lobbied so aggressively” for it and then the relationship came to a predictably bitter end.

“Bolton pushed for preemptive military action against Iran, Syria, Venezuela and North Korea,” noted McFarland. When Trump chose a different path, Bolton “took to the phone” as a leaker to the press.

Read the full story here.

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