BREAKING: John Bolton BUSTED – Evidence Proves He’s…

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said on Thursday that if John Bolton really thought President Donald Trump wasn’t fit for office, he had a duty to inform certain committees in Congress rather than stay quiet “until he could make money” writing a book about it.

John Bolton has that … clear responsibility to the nation that he took an oath to, and he swore to protect and defend the Constitution to the United States,” Scarborough went on. “He had that duty. He failed that duty bluntly. Kelly failed that duty, Mattis failed that duty, everybody that served with this president and left and remained silent — kept their peace — failed their duty.”

Scarborough referred to allegations by Bolton in his memoir The Room Where It Happened that Trump didn’t know Britain was a nuclear power or that Finland was not a part of Russia.

But there’s another explanation for Bolton’s supposed failure to do his duty and inform Congress of Trump’s unfitness: it really didn’t appear that Bolton thought Trump was unfit to be president until Trump fired Bolton.

Which would have made it very difficult indeed for Bolton to inform anyone while he was serving as a National Security Adviser to Trump.

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