BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Wife Gets Tragic News – America SHOCKED

First Lady Jill Biden was the butt of many jokes on Wednesday after she botched simple Spanish pronunciation while talking to farm workers at a pop-up coronavirus vaccination facility in California.

Biden addressed around 100 farm workers in Delano, telling them “Si se puede,” which means “yes we (or you) can.”

But Biden mispronounced the popular phrase, which led to much mocking and criticism. “Si se what???? I’m sure some one will surely tell Jill Biden ‘puadray’ is NOT a word in the Spanish dictionary,” Journalist and native Spanish speaker Dania Alexandrino tweeted.

The flag that flew behind her head during the broadcast also drew many questions and a few Nazi comparison, but it was only the official Farm Workers of America flag.

She spoke on the birthday of Cesar Chavez, who was a farm worker but also advocated socialism.

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8 Responses

  1. melania trump is a hard act to follow. biden is messy looking and unfinished anytime she appears in public unlike the perfectly dressed and coifed melania. that all i am going to say about this.

  2. As an educator I would think Joe Biden would find out how to pronounce whatever it was she was selling

  3. Doesn’t the author realize and understand that the “Farm Workers of America” is an offshoot of Karl Marx’s farm worker’s union, which are Marxist organizations are…?

  4. 100 farmers boy a big crowd it seems she gets as many people to a rally as sloe Joe sometimes got. How he won the election is beyond me.

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