BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Wife ADMITS The Truth – It’s Bad

Potential 2020 Presidential candidate Joe Biden was exposed by his own wife for being too handsy and making her feel uncomfortable when they first began dating.

Jill Biden revealed in her upcoming memoir that at the beginning of the relationship, “He was always holding my hand, putting his arm around me, or brushing the hair from my face.” She went on to say that “sometimes found all that affection draining.”

Joe Biden has been accused by eight different women over the past week of inappropriate physical contact. Lucy Flores, a former Nevada lawmaker was the first to come forward, with the others following quickly behind.

Jill Biden’s testimony shows a consistent pattern with Biden. Biden refused to apologize or admit wrongdoing and has indicated that he sees nothing wrong with touching women without their consent.

The former Vice-president released a video addressing the accusations. In the video, he said that it’s his “responsibility to “try to make a human connection” by hugging people and grabbing men and women “by the shoulders.”

Biden unapologetically admitted that it’s “the way I’ve always been. Biden’s unwillingness to change his pattern of unwanted physical contact is a problem in the current #MeToo climate. Democrats trumpet the phrase “believe all women,” except when it implicates their favorite presidential candidate.

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