BREAKING: Joe Biden’s White House Goes Down – Nation Shocked

President Joe Biden and his administration were taken down by Fox News host Howard Kurtz who blasted a hole in the White House’s argument defending their work with Facebook to combat misinformation.

The Biden administration claims that they are working with Big Tech to stop the spread of misinformation. What that really means is the U.S. government is working with billion-dollar social media platforms to silence dissenters.

Kurtz said on Friday that, “There’s a lot of misinformation out there and the social media giants have a role to play. But at the same time, remember, it was only a few weeks ago that Facebook was banning, as in not allowing, as in deleting, as in taking down, anybody who wanted to post something saying, I think there’s some credibility to the theory — it’s still not proven — that COVID-19 originated in that lab in Wuhan. That was absolutely censored by Facebook. And now it’s allowed because the Biden administration’s taking it more seriously because newspapers have dug up some information that makes it seem more plausible and all of that.”

President Biden and his lackeys in the Democrat Party are positioning themselves as the arbiters of truth and anything that they don’t approve of will be taken down.

Kurtz continued saying, “I’d like to see the examples of misinformation, disinformation that are being taken down. Where is the line between complete and total, here’s a quack cure for the virus kind of thing that everybody would agree should not be spread on social media, and somebody who says, you ought to be hesitant about the vaccine for this reason, there are side effects, do we really want to give it to kids?”

There is no defense for the actions of the Biden administration, and this unholy marriage between the U.S. government and Big Tech should terrify all Americans.

Read the full story here.

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9 Responses

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  4. The Democrats and big tech,
    Big surprise !!??!!? Like it wasn’t going on during the last election

  5. I am going to try one last time to post something that the fake fact-checkers normally let go of. If it is a Republican, then it is not true according to them.
    If it’s a Democrat then it is the whole truth, whether it is or not!

  6. You can’t believe Biden, the Democratic party, facebook and all other big tech entities. They all lie to protect their own opinions. The American people have been totally deceived by all the above parties and more government agencies, too numerous to mention,.

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