BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Sick Terrorism Scandal Finally Comes Out – Report Shocks Nation

Joe Biden’s secret is coming out and America is stunned.

Joe Biden is empowering the terrorist-loving Hamas through continued weakness in his approach to their violence against Israel, according to a report by Ted Cruz.

After visiting Israel in person, Cruz said “the longer Joe Biden shows weakness to Hamas or Hezbollah or Iran, the more you’re going to see terrorist attacks escalating.”

Cruz’s comments came after he “toured Israel’s Iron Dome rocket-defense system and viewed damage in Ashkelon on Monday, just days after the fighting between Israel and Hamas came to a stop,” notes Fox News. “Cruz slammed the president while warning of the danger of U.S. humanitarian aid to Palestinians flowing to the militant group.”

According to Fox News:

Before the cease-fire took effect, Hamas had fired over 4,000 rockets toward Israeli cities, while Israeli warplanes struck some 1,000 targets in Gaza. More than 250 people were killed, the vast majority of them Palestinians living in the seaside enclave ruled by Hamas. Israel blames Hamas for the heavy civilian casualties because Hamas launches attacks from residential areas.

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