BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Sick Terrorism Conspiracy – America In Shock

Political science professor and podcaster Nicholas Giordano said Sunday on “Eat the Press” that President Joe Biden was using the label of “domestic terrorism” as a weapon to bludgeon his political enemies.

Giordano pointed to Biden DOJ’s new strategy against domestic terrorism, which was unveiled last month to counter this supposedly growing threat.

“If you criticize the government, if you criticize government policies, that could be a consideration to be labeled as a ‘domestic terrorist,” he said, noting that the policy could be used against either party.

“This is the path we’ve been going down” for years, Giordano said, adding that he thought it was “alarming” that Republicans weren’t pushing back.

“I am alarmed [and] I am troubled because it’s clear that it’s only one side that’s being targeted,” he said.

Read the full story here.

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  4. Hey Joe, Political Terrorism isn’t that what the BLM and Antifa group all about. Look what they did in Seattle, St. Louis, and Portland. Terrorized, looted, and burn thing to the ground. No body said beans to or about the damage and harm they did. Now you are calling Trump supporters Terrorist. You don’t have a clue and you are supposed to know all so much. You are a lost cause!!

  5. Remember the moron Biden said antifa is “just an idea”during the debates. Spoken like a true propagandist puppet. Biden is nothing more than a useful idiot for those pulling his strings.

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