BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Sick Plan EXPOSED – Details Stun Nation

A top crime expert has revealed that Joe Biden’s plan for gun regulation will actually harm minorities and people of color. The nefarious plan has been pitched by Biden and his ilk as being a protection. But the facts are not on their side.

According to Breitbart News, “Dr. John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center and author of Gun Control Myths, blasted President Joe Biden’s recent gun control proposals, claiming they were based on ‘lies’ and will endanger ‘blacks and hispanics’ living in high crime urban areas.”

Dr. Lott explained:

“You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize that when you have inmates being released from jails and prisons, and some in a number of places more than fifty percent of the inmates being released; when you have police being ordered to stand down and not do their jobs; when you have police budgets being cut and prosecutors in major urban areas refusing to prosecute violent criminals; if you make it so that criminals aren’t being caught, and when they are caught — not being punished, and it’s not risky for them to commit crime, guess what? They’re going to commit more crime.”

“It’s going to make it so those are the very people who aren’t going to be able to afford the fees and other costs that he’s imposing on law-abiding gun owners,” said Lott. “So we have this weird situation where Democrats across the country are making so law enforcement isn’t going to be doing a job. But people then are going to find it difficult to go and depend upon themselves, particularly poor people to be able to defend themselves when the police aren’t allowed to do their job.”

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