BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Sick Conspiracy EXPOSED – Nation Stunned

President Joe Biden has proposed eliminating the Hyde Amendment in his 2022 budget submitted to Congress Friday, which would force taxpayers who are opposed to abortion to pay for them through their taxes.

Biden has always supported the Hyde Amendment since it was instituted in 1994, but now he has sold his soul to the progressive wing of the party, which wants to force universal financial support for the procedure.

A January poll found that 58% of voters are against taxpayer-funded abortion, and three-fourths of taxpayers favor at least some restrictions on abortions, even if they say they are pro-choice.

Pro-life groups are understandably up in arms about the proposed change, with Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins saying, “The Biden Administration’s decision to prioritize ending life rather than solving problems reflect a catastrophic failure on their part.”

Maybe those who oppose abortion should just stop paying their taxes if abortions are included as covered services in the 2022 budget.

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9 Responses

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  2. Joe Biden has no right to do anything in our government that has to do with abortions. That is all up to the American people of this country to say what to do about abortions now our government. Joe Bide needs to be impeached completely out of office and “NOW” !

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  5. This feeble minded moron is only a puppet for those who are out to ruin the United States any way they can !!!

  6. Joe Biden needs to be impeached and “NOW” Biden is not fit to be the president of this country. Biden and Harris both are hurting this country and the citizens of this country.

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