BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Sick Attack On America – Voters FURIOUS…

Would you be surprised if we told you the most recent Bidenflation numbers show that families have been impacted even more than a March projection?

Yeah, it doesn’t surprise us either.

“Inflation will cost families an additional $5,520 per year, increasing from a projection in March,” according to Moody’s.

“President Biden’s 40-year-high inflation will cost American households on average an extra $5,520 in 2022, or $460 per month,” a Moody’s analyst projected.

Moody’s said about the projection:

Having inflation at 8.5% on a year-ago basis, compared with the 2.1% average growth in 2018 and 2019, is costing the average household $346.67 per month to purchase the same basket of goods and services as they did last year. However, the pure cost for households for having inflation running at 8.5% is $460.42 per month.

“The soaring costs are altering consumer habits,” Breitbart News reported:

-42% are changing how they shop for groceries. This includes opting for cheaper items, avoiding brand names, and buying only the essentials.
-46% are either dining out less or consciously spending less when dining out.
-31% are driving less to offset the soaring cost of gas.
-23% are spending less on vacations or canceling them altogether.
-22% are taking measures such as canceling subscriptions to the gym, cable, etc.

“Biden’s war on American energy includes driving up private and public financing costs of oil drilling, halting drilling on public lands, and canceling the Keystone pipeline,” reports Breitbart.

It is clear Americans are suffering and Biden doesn’t plan to change that. The next election can’t come soon enough.

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