BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Secret War Problem Exposed – America In Danger…

President Joe Biden isn’t known for handling international affairs well, and after the Afghanistan disaster, adversaries are watching closely to see how Biden will handle Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine.

“Biden entered the White House one year ago with the promise of shoring up geopolitical relations and reaffirming U.S. commitments as a world leader,” reports Fox News.

“During his first address to a global audience upon entering office he touted that ‘America is back,’ but after occupying the executive post for one year steep geopolitical challenges remain,” according to Fox News.

“Republicans on the Hill have lambasted the president for perceived foreign policy ‘failures’ during his first year in office, and many described Biden’s tactics in countering Russia as ‘weak,'” reports Fox News.

“The U.S. has been embroiled in tense conversations with the Kremlin for months as Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to amass roughly 100,000 troops along the Ukrainian border,” Fox News reported, “threatening to invade the former Soviet nation.”

“Weakness does indeed invite aggression,” Michael McCaul, House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member said. “This national security threat is the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

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