BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Secret Plan EXPOSED – America Shocked

President Joe Biden’s secret plan was just publicly exposed. Millions of Americans are in shock. It is time to make our voices heard — before it is too late.

“They can’t admit to the American people that they planned this crisis,” said former acting ICE Director Tom Homan on Fox News. In a few short weeks, Biden has created a devastating border crisis — and it was all intentional.

“When Joe Biden made those promises during the campaign of ending ICE detention, ending the Remain in Mexico program, giving amnesty and DACA and healthcare,” said Homan giving examples that Biden willingly put out there.

During the 2020 election cycle, then-President Donald Trump tried to warn us that Biden’s radicalism on the border would make Americans less safe and punish immigrants who are coming here legally. Here was right, once again.

But millions of voters decided to go in a different direction — or so we’re told. Trump isn’t done fighting for America, however. He is going to be making an impact in 2022 through his political action committee, Save America.

Most people support border security and Biden has been a politically fatal mistake. As Homan noted, “The border is not secure because the Biden administration has undone all the success of the Trump administration.”

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