BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Secret Partner Revealed – Nation Shocked

It turns out President Joe Biden has a secret partner in some business he has been conducting around the world, and it just goes to prove that nobody in the press is treating him the same way they treated his predecessor, Donald Trump.

Biden’s administration plans to waive sanctions against Russia and Vladimir Putin in order to get a pipeline built to Germany.

Could you imagine if Trump did something like this? He would be hounded for months, if not years about his “ties” to Russia and whether he was appeasing Putin because he helped him win the election.

Biden merely cites “American interests” and the matter is dropped without so much as a titter.

And how come it’s fine for Russia and Germany to have oil pipelines, but it’s not fine for the U.S. to have its own? C’mon, man! So much for being “tough” on Russia.

Read the full story here.

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6 Responses

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  5. Just one more thing that proves that Joe Biden wants to destroy America and that he is in bed with Russia and China. Why are we standing for this. He needs to be treated just like Trump would have been treated if he did the same thing. (which he didn’t and wouldn’t because he is all for America).

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