BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Secret Cartel Connection Exposed – Conspiracy Stuns Congress…

Former Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) revealed that President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’s terrible immigration policy is helping “gangs, cartels, and human traffickers,” who are profiting from the chaos on the southern border.

With the announcement that the Biden administration will be ending Title 42, which allows immigration authorities to deport large amounts of illegal immigrants, the situation is about to get exponentially worse.

With the removal of Title 42 on May 23rd, an estimated half a million immigrants will cross the southern border each month.

Gabbard took to Twitter to say, “Biden/Harris open border policy has been a disaster. Rescinding Title 42 will make the massive flood of immigrants even worse. Main beneficiaries are gangs, cartels and human traffickers. Trump policy of having people wait on other side of the border worked and needs to be reinstated.”

Thanks to the Biden administration, business is booming in Mexico’s Grimey criminal underbelly as cartel’s profits continue to climb.

The drugs pouring across the southern border will kill hundreds of thousands of Americans, while waves of immigrants will erode social welfare systems. Something drastic must be done quickly to end this crisis.

Read the full story here.

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