BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Plan EXPOSED – It’s Public Now

Joe Biden’s dastardly plan was just exposed. It is public now and there is nothing he can do to run from it. Millions of people are horrified.

CNN’s Bakari Sellers revealed that Democrats winning in Georgia will “actually puts more pressure on the Biden administration” to “go big” on an agenda. Americans should be very concerned now.

With the Senate having a 50/50 partisan split, Kamala Harris just became one of the most powerful politicians in the nation. She will have the power as vice president to break a tied vote, which is something we can expect.

Sellers mentioned “many of those issues we have been clamoring for,” but was short on details other than more COVID relief or criminal justice reform (CJR). The irony is President Donald Trump spearheaded the most significant CJR in a generation.

Democrats will just be trying to take advantage of Trump’s success on the issue — while not giving him a single ounce of credit. But the most concerning aspects of Biden’s agenda Sellers didn’t appear to mention at all.

Biden has every intention of repealing the Trump tax cuts, weakening our border security — including ceasing construction on the border wall — coddling the Chinese Communist Party, and passing various left-wing goals.

Read the full story here.

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