BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Plan Exposed – GOP Makes Stunning Announcement

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is coming down on President Joe Biden for signing dozens of executive orders in his first week in office while giving lip service to unity and bipartisanship.

In a Fox Business interview, Blackburn said Biden was grabbing power at an “egregious” level and that calls to Republicans to work together on COVID relief were a low priority for him.

“President Biden has carried out the most egregious power grab with these over 40 executive memos and executive orders,” she said. “And then what should have been the first set of calls, which is calls to Republican senators to work with them on funding for COVID relief, has been his last set of calls.”

She blasted Biden and Democrats for wanting to spend $1.9 trillion without defining exactly how and when the money will be spent.

Blackburn called Biden’s plan to pass his COVID bill with budget reconciliation without Republican support “something that many of us are not interested in seeing done.”

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