BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Most STUPID Moment Ever – America Cringing…

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) wasted no time joining the chorus of voices expressing outrage over the Biden administration’s plan to give drug addicts “safe” crack pipes as part of a harm reduction initiative with a $30 million price tag.

“Once again, intelligence is chasing the Biden administration, but the Biden administration is managing to beat it,” Kennedy proclaimed. “This entire controversy, in my judgment, Sean, is why millions of Americans tonight are thinking, you know, Republicans aren’t perfect, and God knows we’re not, but the other side is crazy.”

“His people say they can make the smoking of crack cocaine and meth safer,” he added, referencing the plan to divert the money from the last covid relief bill.

Kennedy said the money should be used to help people actually get off the drugs, and asserted that there was no way to make the use of crack and meth safer.

“Stupidity is a lot like pornography,” he concluded. “It’s very hard to define, but you know it when you see it. This is stupidity.”

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