BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Most Recent Diagnosis Is Awful – They Dont’ Want You To Know…

Heading into midterms, it’s clear that a red wave is coming. It’s just a matter of how big it gets the day of.

If Joe Biden’s performance is any indicator, liberals are going to need a life raft in November.

Just 34% of Americans approve of the job Joe Biden is doing as the President of the United States of America.

It’s not just grumpy conservative states weighing down his rating, either.

In Joe Biden’s HOME STATE of Delaware, his rating is still only 35%.

That’s his HOME STATE.

Even in the most lopsided presidential election of all time, Walter Mondale was able to win his home state.

There’s doubt Joe Biden could even do that right now.

Gas prices, inflation, the open border, the Ukraine war, COVID, and Biden’s premature evacuation from Afghanistan are all frequently mentioned as the driving forces of why Americans are so pissed off at him.

What did we expect? The man is 103 years old, and he’s not getting any younger.

Or smarter.

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