BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Immigration Secret Just Exploded – Scandal Stuns America

President Joe Biden’s immigration secret just completely exploded. The scandal has stunned millions of Americans — he could be finished.

“Sometimes, when people act like they don’t care, it’s not an act. I think President Biden just doesn’t care,” said Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) referring to the crisis on our southern border.

“I think he plans on admitting between 2 and 3 million illegal immigrants into our country this year,” continued Kennedy. “We had hints of that in his campaign. This is dangerous.”

It should come as no surprise that Biden is being controlled by the radical, unhinged left — he was always going to be a puppet for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her comrades.

Biden’s only “solution” to the problem he intentionally created is to grant de facto amnesty. This has always been the plan and now we are seeing it come to fruition in startling detail.

Regardless of political affiliation, most Americans support a safe, secure border and legal immigration. The national security and humanitarian crisis at the border are completely unacceptable.

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3 Responses

  1. Crisis unfolding, America now faces a new threat, How many lives will be lost before this new cheese virus takes over?
    How many parmesan cheese smoker’s are their? Is this a Democrat thing? Or is it what the radical left has been smoking all along? Should this be put on controlled substances list? Will the democrats tax this new drug? Who got Hunter hooked on this abuse? The American people want to know? How wide spread is this ? Is this considered Americans abuse of power? Why was Hunter sent to rehab ? Can other cheeses become just as addicting? Americans want to know what effect this will have on our Governments decisions, Is this what’s effecting Biden’s mental Health?

  2. The crisis started when the communists stole the election and put the Alzheimer’s poster boy that is Communist Joe Biden in my president’s office for Obama the Muslim to have a 3rd term to finish what he started and couldn’t do in 8years to turn our country to a racist country and destroy our economy so communist wake up Americans our country is at stake

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