BREAKING: Joe Biden’s False Identity Exposed – He’s Not Really…

On HBO’s “Real Time,” writer Andrew Sullivan dropped the hammer on President Biden and how far disconnected Biden is from the American people.

Sullivan said, “We need someone who can find a center. It turns out, Biden doesn’t seem to be that person.”

Sullivan didn’t stop there, he continued, adding that President Biden is out of touch with voters.

“There’s nothing I can see, right now, even on abortion, where he is anywhere near the center of where public opinion is,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan added, “This case that forced this decision, Dobbs, was a case that said that abortion should be legal for 15 weeks. Do you know what the legal limit in Germany is? 12 weeks.”

“And they reached a consensus because they decided to haggle it out and come to a compromise with some restrictions and some freedoms,” Sullivan added.

Then Sullivan dropped the hammer about who Biden really is:

“This is a person who’s just automatically abolished biological sex in Title IX regulations. This is a guy who wanted to spend even more money than we spent last year, where we now have inflation somewhere like 8 or 9%. There is not a single issue — … a million illegal immigrants come in in the last year under Biden. This is not a moderate presidency. I wish it were. I voted for him. But he’s a captive of his left the way that some of these Republicans are captive of their right.”

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