BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Dirty Secret EXPOSED – America Stunned

Former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan told Mark Levin on Fox News Sunday night that President Joe Biden’s actions at the border are not incompetence, but are “by design.”

Trump had “unprecedented success” on the border, Homan said. He did everything right, but Biden is following a progressive agenda to open the border no matter how detrimental to the country it is.

“Joe Biden has sold out this country to the progressive left to win an election,” Homan said.

“This isn’t incompetence. This is by design. This is an open borders agenda that we all knew was coming,” he went on.

Quite honestly, Biden’s actions are treasonous and ought to be looked at as such. But they won’t, because progressives have too much power right now, and if we don’t find a way to get it back from them, we may not have a country left to fight for.

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5 Responses

    1. Raymond ,I would say most Americans with good old common sense, are
      very much aware that Biden did not in any way, shape or form win that election. And the only reason the Dems chose to put Biden as President
      and Camela as VP is because they knew she would not get enough votes..
      that is why she quit the Primarys. So they rigged it, that he would get the votes but that she would soon take over and be the President. But they can’t even afford to wait a decent amount of time to do that cross over.
      They are having to speed up the plan due to his constant and rapid decline. People liked Biden, (soft spoken) ? even though not genuinely
      good, so that is why they put his name before hers. We all know who is really steering this ship. It isn’t Biden or Camela… It is the deep state… and if you do not know who that person is… you need to find out.

  1. I have news for the citizens of this country. I’ll always fight for my country no matter what. I happen to be a combat veteran of Vietnam and I service in law enforcement for 23 years. If any one like the democrats try to destroy my country they will pay with their lives.

  2. Michael, I am not in law enforcement, however, I abhor “all” Democrats in politics today (esp. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, & Schumer)
    I also feel that if Democrats try to destroy my country, they will pay with their lives!

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