BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Dirty Secret Comes Out – He’s Not Really…

Former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell said during an RNC speech Wednesday that Joe Biden’s decades of foreign policy in the Senate and as vice president were dangerous for America.

“Every time Joe Biden offers a new idea, you should ask yourself: ‘Why didn’t he try that over the last 48 years?’” Grenell said.

“A return to the Biden way of thinking means America gives the radical terrorist regime in Tehran a plane load of cash in the middle of the night,” Grenell said, referring to the Obama-Biden decision to return $400 million in cash to Iran as part of a 2015 nuclear deal that unfroze their assets in the U.S.

The problem, Grenell said, is that Democrats and the Washington establishment have spent the last 48 years trying to form a global world system rather than serving the interests of America first.

Trump, on the other hand, looks to serve America’s interests rather than the world’s, which is why Grenell says the establishment and Democrats are so desperate to get rid of him that they would even spy on him with Biden’s knowledge and blessing.

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