BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Dark Scheme UNCOVERED – Media Hiding Truth…

A new study has revealed President Biden’s dark scheme with the mainstream media. Thanks to Biden’s party and ideological affiliation, he has received the least negative coverage from the media in the last thirty years.

Pew Research Center found that in Biden’s first two months in office, he received 19% negative coverage. The mainstream media isn’t even trying to hide the fact that they are the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party.

Even former Democrats like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama didn’t receive such light treatment from the likes of CNN and MSNBC.

Where the bias becomes evident is when you compare Biden’s coverage against former President Trump. Trump had a 62% negative coverage rate over his term, a mind-boggling number when put against Biden’s 19%.

The huge disparity is easily accounted for when you consider how corrupt, and unreliable the mainstream media is. Many journalists and reporters openly celebrated how they wouldn’t need to be so hard on Biden after the election.

Journalism is truly dead, and any Americans who still believe the mainstream media is trustworthy and nonpartisan are gravely mistaken.

Read the full story here.

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8 Responses

  1. Unfortunately your comment that true journalism is dead is accurate. So called journalism is just poisoned views from hollywood and the alleged liberals.

  2. This proves what the vast majority of knowledgeable American already knows. We have Systemic Bias, not only in the corrupt MSM, but also The Democratic Party, Big Tech, Corporate America and of course Hollywood and TV hypocrites.

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  6. a lot of us knew the game was rigged to start with,, NOW many more are learning the truth about how Biden is ruining the country by giving in to all the splinter liberals

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