BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Corporate Scandal EXPLODES – America Disgusted…

President Joe Biden was just nailed in a sneaky corporate scandal.

Washington Examiner called the scheme “thoroughly corrupt, politicized shakedowns.” However, GOP freshman Sen. Tommy Tuberville is doing his best to shut it down.

“The scheme used under Obama was clever but nefarious,” reports Washington Examiner. “The Justice Department would target wealthy entities, often banks, for some sort of ‘enforcement action’ for alleged misdeeds. With the targeted outfit facing the full weight of the government’s virtually limitless legal budget (not to mention compulsory powers), it would often calculate the situation as being less expensive to pay a hefty, but not unmanageable, penalty than to battle the government all the way to a final verdict.”

But it’s what happened next that makes the plan so disturbing.

Department officials, though, would not merely deposit the payments into the U.S. Treasury or forward them to individuals or groups directly harmed by the alleged malfeasances. Instead, they would send the money to outside groups that supposedly “advocate” for or “serve” the allegedly malaffected “community.” And, no surprise, those outside groups just happened to be decidedly liberal “advocacy” groups of the barely disguised political-activist variety.

So Biden is wanting to go back to this — using the power of the government to intimidate corporations into essentially donating to leftist organizations.

To read the rest of this report, click here.

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