BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Conspiracy Stuns Nation – Young Minors Are Being…

President Joe Biden’s conspiracy just completely stunned the nation. Young minors are being put at risk and it is time for Americans to speak up.

According to Breitbart News, the Biden administration “will spend almost $9 billion by October to import the left-behind children of illegal migrants who are already working in the United States.”

This is based upon a report from the New York Times, no less. There are reportedly “21,000 youths and children in the pipeline” and growing, with thousands already released “to so-called ‘sponsors’ in the United States,” continued Breitbart.

Previously, under the Trump administration, the policy was to fly “the youths and children back to their homes in Central America,” but Biden immediately abandoned this policy when he became president.

Instead, Biden is receiving 10s of thousands of migrant children into the United States. We are a compassionate, welcoming country, but this isn’t the way to handle the situation at all.

Many of these children are being used by drug cartels and human traffickers to make money. These children should be safely reunited with their families in Central America.

Read the full story here.

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4 Responses

  1. AMEN, we should NOT be giving REWARDS to CRIMINALS !!!!

    NO, LOVING PARENT, I know would take a chance of GREAT HARM to their children by sending them thousands of miles with someone they don’t know !!!!! I wouldn’t let mine cross the street with a stranger and me watching !!!!!!! Only GOD knows how many don’t make it, and what the one’s that do make it have to go through !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    These SO CALLED PARENTS are in my opinion, just as CRUEL as those who choose ABORTION, maybe WORSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because, abortion is usually a quick painful death, this way could lead to a SLOW, PAINFUL, DEATH taking months to years, depending on one’s circumstances !!!!!!! A HORRENDOUS chance, to take with a CHILD’S LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. People need to look at what these Democratic cities have become criminal havens you you need to go down and talk to the homeless they can’t go anywhere they can’t get away but they’re being overrun by gangs and criminal organizations check it out for yourselves it’s pathetic what’s going on some homeless people are even having their kids taken away to be used police said they can’t do anything because of the Democratic leader ship Democrats are trying to Convince us that it’s a good thing
    But most of these people there will tell you (it’s become a living hell with no hope) All thanks to the Democrats
    If you didn’t notice the media won’t show it to you that’s how bad it is
    All thanks to democrats

  3. Disgraceful that the President of the United States would allow such treatment of children. He has no idea what is going on. Why hasn’t he or Kamala been to the border to see how awful it is? Then they would have to admit that we have a crisis, caused by them. Five little girls from the age of 1-7 were left out in the desert alone with no food, water or direction. Thankfully a kind farmer found them before they died. What say you Joe and Kamala?

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