BREAKING: Joe Biden’s China Scandal Shocker – This Changes Everything

President Biden apparently hasn’t learned from his mistakes with China, and according to CNN political analyst Josh Rogin, the Biden administration has a “crazy notion” that China can be brought to our side despite their clear allegiance to Russia.

During the Friday broadcast of Fox News Radio’s “Brian Kilmeade Show,” Rogin explained, “There’s this crazy notion inside the Biden administration, around Washington that, somehow, China can be a broker or a diplomatic constructive actor in this Ukraine crisis.”

It seems everyone but the Biden administration understands that China is not our friend and is, according to Rogin, a “co-conspirator” in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

President Biden’s completely incompetent foreign policy already reared its ugly head when he gave intelligence to the Chinese, who promptly turned it over to Russia. By what the Biden administration is still doing, they have learned nothing.

The President is completely outmatched by both Russia and China, and he doesn’t seem to have any answers. For someone who has been involved in endless scandals in China, President Biden is shockingly lost.

All of this is bad news for Ukraine, which is watching as President Biden continues to show himself as an incompetent leader, which in turn is further emboldening Vladimir Putin and his allies in Beijing.

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