BREAKING: Joe Biden’s China Conspiracy EXPOSED – It’s All True

Joe Bide and the Democrats are pulling a con on the America people according to an intelligence expert.

Former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell was asked during a recent interview whether he was “extraordinarily concerned, as are many Americans, that the Biden family is so bought off in so many ways by the communist Chinese government [and] that this is exactly the wrong man at the wrong time to be anywhere near creating and leading American foreign policy.”

Grenell answered in the affirmative.

But Grenell went further to say he wasn’t just concerned about Biden.

Look at [National Security Adviser-designate] Jake Sullivan, who has really tried to compliment Beijing and to really surrender to the fact that that China is going to be a superpower and that we should just deal with it. I don’t think that that’s true. I think that the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative is phony. More countries are realizing that it’s fake, and we have to get much more aggressive about recognizing that China is a crisis.

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