BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Border Secret Finally Gets Out – Children Being Used To…

Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) broke ranks with most of his party to say that he didn’t think the border was “under control” and that unaccompanied minors were just being moved “from one tent to another tent.”

Cuellar said he didn’t think the whole system was broken down, but questioned the Biden administration’s decision to reverse all of former President Donald Trump’s border policies.

“The MPP, the Migrant Protection Protocols program, I think that one, instead of just getting rid of that, I think we should have repurposed that,” he said.

“Even the agreements we had with Central America and Mexico that got taken away and now they’re trying to do something else, trying to reach some sort of agreement. We should have not gotten rid of those agreements. We should have repurposed those agreements,” he continued.

It just makes no sense whatsoever for Biden to reinvent the wheel when Trump had everything under control, but we all know that President Joe Biden doesn’t really want to get immigration under control because all of his objectives involve large numbers of illegal immigrants coming into the country as quickly as possible.

Read the full story here.

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6 Responses

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  3. As soon as we get the government back, lets kick them out as fast as joe and his democrats let them in. We can get back to finishing the wall, regrouping our CBP to get back on line, and also maybe think of building outpost at all strategic points along the border. Let the military patrol along the border where there isn’t enough CBP agents to monitor the open sectors. I see nothing wrong in our military patrolling the border. This way they get desert training.
    Another thing i wish would happen is that the Republicans aggressively pursuit the democrats illegal activities that are being perpetrated upon our citizenry. They kept doing that against President Trump. They were always hounding him for doing the lawful Constitutional governing. The democrats are illegally hounding the Conservatives about living and governing lawfully. We need to combat public corruption by the democrats. They have overstepped their governance. That is causing our citizens distress, and causing much lawlessness because they allow crime to flow without punishment.

  4. Well traitor Joe and his cronies don’t know what they are doing except trying to erase Trump and ruin America for their gain.

  5. Can’t wait for 2022. Then we can get our government back on a good path. Right now there is only hatred for anything Trump…whether good or not for our country. The border crisis is just a prime example.

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