BREAKING: Joe Biden WRECKED [Details Still Coming In]

Unsurprisingly, Joe Biden hates the idea of voter integrity laws. Whether he won the 2020 election or not, Joe knows that Democrats only hope for the future is to flood the ballot box with any vote liberals can get, legal or not.

After Biden was forced to give up his massive tax and spend plan because of opposition from Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, Biden immediately pivoted to his next big idea to buy votes: do away with voter integrity laws.

Now, a different Democrat is refusing to comply in the name of integrity and honesty: Krysten Sinema.

This poses a huge problem for Democrats, as even top liberals like Al Sharpton know that their only real shot to retain any sort of power in 2022 or 2024 is to weaken the integrity of our elections.

“An inaction at this point would lead to an inaction of Black voters. People are saying, ‘If they don’t do this, I’m not voting,” Sharpton claimed. “People are saying they feel betrayed.”

Yes, people have been betrayed; by YOU, Al.

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