BREAKING: Joe Biden WITHDRAWS – Republicans Can’t Believe It…

President Joe Biden just withdrew and Republicans can’t believe it. He has thrown in the towel — even his top advisors are stunned.

“The White House is backing off its plan to nominate Elizabeth Klein to be the deputy secretary of the Interior Department, marking the second nominee President Biden has been forced to backtrack on in just over two months in office,” reported Fox News.

The announcement came after Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) publicly stated her opposition to Klein based upon “Klein’s demonstrated record opposing resource development in Alaska.”

In other words, Klein is an extreme environmentalist — another political ideologue attempting to make life more difficult for Alaskans. To her credit, Murkowski has come out strong.

Aside from an anti-energy position being political poison in Alaska, rumors have been circulating that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) may launch a primary bid against the senator.

Murkowski was a frequent roadblock to President Donald Trump’s “America First” policies and often acted more like a Democrat. Palin would easily beat her in a Republican primary.

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One Response

  1. maybe the should start looking for candidates that are just a little less insane. you know like President trump did.

    Orange man not so bad after all. Orange man smarter that most liberals/Democrats/Progressives. Orange man good president. Obama / biden bad at being presidents.

    Sad for stupid liberals/Democrats/Progressives they are so brainwashed they can not think for themselves must have Rachel Maddow tell them how to think.

    Rachel Maddow lies 13,453,395,341 times in four years. See liberals/Democrats/Progressives ! everyone can make of the number of lies people say.

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