BREAKING: Joe Biden Wants To Be Done – He Asks Court To…

President Joe Biden has asked the Supreme Court to strike down former President Trump’s “Remain In Mexico” policy.

Trump’s immigration policies have been upheld by lower courts and it is a long shot that President Biden will get his wish to have them removed.

The Trump-era policies require the federal government immigrants seeking asylum to remain in Mexico while their case is litigated.

The Supreme Court has a conservative majority and that won’t change even when Democrats replace Justice Stephen Breyer. That likely means that Trump’s immigration policies will survive to see another day.

Of course, this is terrible news for radical liberals who have been hard at work breaking down our immigration system. The President’s liberal policies have created an unprecedented crisis as thousands of immigrants cross the southern border monthly.

Trump’s leftover immigration policies can only do so much with President Biden leaving the border wide open. Until the President cracks down and secures the border, the immigration crisis will continue.

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