BREAKING: Joe Biden Verdict Proves He’s a Fraud – GUILTY

The Biden administration held a virtual meeting with industry leaders to reassure Americans that the baby formula shortage was being handled swiftly and competently. Unfortunately, the only takeaway that Americans got from the meeting was that President Biden is a fraud and has no idea what he is doing.

President Biden and his administration have mishandled nearly every major crisis that the nation has had to face since he was sworn into office.

The border crisis has been stewing and festering with no end in sight, and the economy is on the edge of collapsing under skyrocketing fuel prices and record inflation.

President Biden went as far as to admit that he didn’t “think anyone anticipated the impact of the shutdown of one facility.” That one statement alone made it clear that the Biden administration is not being run by America’s best.

The President went on to blame the Food and Drug Administration for not communicating to him the severity of the crisis and the impact it would have on the American people.

Each crisis that President Biden has mishandled is marked by the President blaming his subordinates and general ignorance of the circumstances. The President is not capable of leading the nation in a time of crisis, and it may become necessary to remove him in favor of someone even slightly more competent and responsible.

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