BREAKING: Joe Biden Unveils New Plan For Future – Happens VERY Soon…

President Joe Biden appears ready to officially suspend federal gas taxes for three months.

Even though his team knows it won’t work, Biden needs to look like he’s at least trying.

“President Biden understands that a gas tax holiday alone will not, on its own, relieve the run-up in costs that we’ve seen,” the White House said.

They then proceeded to blame the war in Ukraine, pretending like Joe Biden has nothing to do with the recent explosion in gas prices.

“The war in Ukraine is imposing costs on American families, Congress should do what it can to provide working families breathing room.”

Very few Americans think this is a good idea.

Economists that served on Obama’s team are urging Joe not to pursue this idea.

Even Barack Obama spoke out against a gas tax holiday back in 2008.

Nancy Pelosi has called a gas tax “showbiz.”

So if liberals and conservatives alike are against this, who is Joe trying to please?

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