BREAKING: Joe Biden Turns On AMERICA – He’s An Enemy Of The People…

President Joe Biden has lifted public health protocols at the United States-Mexico border while refusing to lift coronavirus restrictions for traveling Americans, further cementing his status as an enemy of the American people.

The president has effectively made it easier for immigrants, both legal and illegal, to pour into the United States while Americans are still having to battle outdated restrictions.

The Biden administration’s decision to allow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to lift Title 42 demonstrates exactly where the president’s priorities lie.

President Biden could care less about the quality of life for Americans and his actions make that clear. Meanwhile, the crisis at the southern border will now get exponentially worse as, without Title 42, immigration authorities can no longer turn away immigrants based on stopping the spread of coronavirus.

President Biden has created a two-tier system in America where immigrants are being fast-tracked into the United States while regular Americans continue to have their freedoms trampled.

The president has made it clear that he isn’t interested in representing normal Americans, and because of that, it is imperative that he be impeached as quickly as possible.

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