BREAKING: Joe Biden TORCHED By Surprise Hit – America Stunned..

One of President Biden’s closest allies, mainstream media heavyweight CNN, torched the President by publishing a piece that warned Americans that, “It’s time to prepare for a recession.”

The sudden shift in tone from CNN marks a massive change from the usual propaganda claiming that the state of the nation is better than ever under President Biden’s leadership.

For CNN to admit that the economy is in dire straights and things are not under control is a testament to just how bad things have gotten under President Biden.

Skyrocketing inflation and record-high fuel prices are crushing Americans in all income brackets. It isn’t out of the picture that the nation could be facing another situation similar to the 2008 economic disaster.

The writing is on the wall, and Democrats, along with Biden’s staunchest progressive allies, need to make a choice.

Turn on the President and sound the alarm about the coming disaster or stick to party loyalty and be forever tarnished when the system comes crashing down.

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