BREAKING: Joe Biden Takes Massive Fall – White House Moves Him To…

Surprise surprise, a new report shows key swing states disapprove of President Joe Biden.

Swing state voters overwhelmingly disapprove of President Joe Biden, according to a survey released by Civiqs.

“Biden is struggling to revive his ever-tanking approval rating, as 55 percent disapprove of his job performance nationwide,” reports Breitbart. “Throughout his presidency, Americans have watched as economic conditions worsen, inflation remains high, and gas prices grow higher and higher with each passing day, consistently breaking new records as industry experts predict worsening conditions.”

“But it does not end there,” reports Breitbart. “Biden’s approval is underwater in every single state in the country, with just three exceptions — Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Vermont. What is more, a majority in every single swing state have a sour view of Biden.”

58 percent disapprove
31 percent approve

56 percent disapprove
34 percent approve

58 percent disapprove
30 percent approve

54 percent disapprove
36 percent approve

New Hampshire:
53 percent disapprove
37 percent approve

North Carolina:
56 percent disapprove
34 percent approve

61 percent disapprove
28 percent approve

55 percent disapprove
33 percent approve

57 percent disapprove
35 percent approve

Would ya look at that. This is good news for the GOP.

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