BREAKING: Joe Biden Taken Captive – Americans In SHOCK

Representative Mike Gallagher, a Republican from Wisconsin, recently appeared on the Hugh Hewitt Show.

While there, he debunked a few false narratives the left are still peddling to Americans.

He called the fact that there were still mask mandates in some schools a “complete lack of leadership” by President Joe Biden and his staff.

“The administration is so captive to the far-left element of their base, which wants us to mask in perpetuity, they’re unwilling to show any leadership on this front. And what is wrong with the president of the United States saying to the American people, we’ve moved from a pandemic phase to an endemic phase. If you want to wear a mask because you feel that’s the best way to protect yourself or your family, that is your choice. But we’re no longer going to force people on airplanes and trains to do the same?”

“Milwaukee public schools announced a temporary masks are optional policy two days ago, and then immediately reversed it to go back to masking kids. We’re still masking kids, Hugh. I think when we look back on this whole fiasco, that will be the most unconscionable thing that we’ve done throughout this,” he concluded. “This is a complete lack of leadership by the president of the United States, Joseph Biden.”

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