BREAKING: Joe Biden SURRENDERS – Ukraine Patriots Stunned

President Joe Biden threw in the towel over the weekend and retreated to Delaware for a vacation as Ukraine fought for survival against overwhelming Russian invaders.

Even as the capital city of Kyiv was being threatened, President Biden just couldn’t take another day or work and opted for a relaxing vacation.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki tried to claim that the trip was for a funeral, but Biden didn’t have to stay in Delaware for the whole weekend to attend one event.

The President’s decision to abdicate his post in a time of crisis should alarm Americans. President Biden has already made a habit of running off to Delaware instead of leading the nation through the many crises that have hit Americans in the past year.

The optics of the President vacationing make it much harder for the United States to put pressure on Vladimir Putin to end hostilities in Ukraine.

While President Biden went on vacation, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stayed in Kyiv to rally his people and send a message that Ukrainians would not be easily beat. The contrast in leadership has never been so stark.

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