BREAKING: Joe Biden Surrender Stuns Voters – He’s DONE

President Joe Biden has effectively surrendered Ukraine to Russia as in recent weeks, the Biden administration has made it clear they are more interested in dealing with climate change than Russian aggression.

So far, the President has offered mere lip service to supporting Ukraine. In President Biden’s State of the Union Address, he said “We are inflicting pain on Russia and supporting the people of Ukraine. Yes, we the United States of America stand with the Ukrainian people.”

Of course, President Biden has done little to actually stand with Ukraine as he refuses to sanction Russia’s energy industry, which is funding the war in Ukraine.

Instead of standing with Ukraine, President Biden and his administration are more concerned with climate change. Just days ago, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said, “Our entire Department—and our entire Administration—know how vital your partnership is in the fight against climate change.”

Instead of focusing on the economic impact of war in Ukraine and figuring out ways to hurt Russia economically, the Treasury is working on climate change of all things.

President Biden’s actions send the message to Vladimir Putin that he is free to wage war and invade our allies. We will ignore it and work on further hamstringing our energy industry in pursuit of a “green” agenda.

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