BREAKING: Joe Biden Suffering From Shrinkage – Diagnosis Has White House Scrambling…

President Joe Biden isn’t faring well in the polls, shrinking to a 33% approval rating, leaving him with very little to celebrate on is one year in office anniversary.

“This week’s White House Report Card finds President Joe Biden and his agenda stalled out, leaving him little to brag about on his one-year anniversary Thursday,” reports Washington Examiner.

“The biggest events of the week look like former President Donald Trump wrote them: a 33% approval rating, a sloppy voting rights speech that insulted even Democrats, surging inflation, the Supreme Court’s rejection of his vaccination mandate, a refusal by two senators in his own party to lend a hand, and awkward silence from his vice president about who will be on the 2024 ticket,” according to Washington Examiner.

“Blocked on every side by courts, Republicans, two members of his party, and public opinion, Biden suffered a terrible week,” reports Washington Examiner.

“The omicron variant has spread to record levels, as have hospitalizations. Tests that have been promised were not even shipped yet. The Supreme Court struck down the president’s vaccine mandate for large companies. Inflation is at its highest level in decades and is now the top issue in voters’ minds. Worker shortages and a few major strikes are slowing any possible progress on the economic front. And the president’s full-court press on voting rights legislation has been stopped in its tracks by two Democrats in the Senate who have been thorns in his side all year,” reported Washington Examiner.

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