BREAKING: Joe Biden Stuns With 2024 Election Shocker – He’s Not…

President Joe Biden is throwing a hissy fit that there’s discussion about him not running for President in 2024.

Biden is “irked” and “irritated” that some Democrats and liberal media outlets are opposed to a second Biden presidential campaign in 2024.

“Several establishment media outlets and Democrats have publicly stated their opposition to a potential Biden 2024 run,” reports Breitbart.

“The White House is trying to tamp down speculation about plans to seek re-election, while aides say President Biden is bristling at the persistent questions,” Breitbart News reported.

“A majority of voters expect Vice President Kamala Harris to assume the presidency before Biden’s first term is over. A majority of voters also doubt Biden’s mental ability and believe he is unfit to be president,” reported Breitbart.

So there sit Biden, all alone on his little island of perceived power, refusing to step down for the good of the world. “Irked and irritated” like a there year old who wants his ice cream before dinner.

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