BREAKING: Joe Biden Stuns Nation With Surprise Health Update – It Isn’t Looking Good…

President Biden stunned Americans by proclaiming on Sunday that the outbreak of monkeypox cases should concern “everybody.”

The President said, “They haven’t told me the level of exposure yet, but it is something that everybody should be concerned about. We’re working on it hard to figure out what we do and what vaccine, if any, may be available for it.”

Monkeypox is typically found in Africa, but there has been an outbreak of cases in Europe and, more recently, a small number of cases in the United States.

What is interesting is it appears monkeypox is spreading fastest among gay and bisexual men, according to an update from the Center for Disease Control.

Dr. John Brooks, chief medical officer for the CDC’s Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention, said “Some groups may have a greater chance of exposure right now, but by no means is the current risk of exposure to monkeypox exclusively to the gay and bisexual community in the US. Anyone, anyone, can develop [and] spread monkeypox infection, but … many of those affected in the current global outbreak identified as gay and bisexual men.”

So far, the White House has been slow to explain what steps could be taken to further limit the spread of monkeypox. Hopefully, health authorities will get on top of it and quickly crush this outbreak.

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