BREAKING: Joe Biden Stuns Nation – Unable To Perform Simple…

President Joe Biden just completely stunned the nation. According to a report, he is unable to perform a simple task and millions of people can’t believe it.

“It has been 40 days since President Joe Biden’s inauguration, and he has not held a solo press conference,” reported Breitbart News. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was even asked about this recently.

“Not yet, but we will definitely have one,” responded Psaki to a reporter. “We will schedule it, and you’ll be the first to know. Cause you’re pivotal participants in that.” In translation: One isn’t planned.

What is the White House afraid of? Well, for starters, Biden is a gaffe machine. He also cannot seem to stay on topic. This is why his handles have hidden him away in the Oval Office unless he’s delivering prepared remarks.

But even the mainstream press is getting antsy. They didn’t like President Donald Trump, but at least he made regular appearances to speak with them. Biden has avoided the media almost entirely.

On top of that, Psaki has done a terrible job. She lacks confidence and rarely seems to have answers — she just promises to “circle back” all the time. Even so, Biden likely won’t make a solo appearance anytime soon.

Read the full story here.

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      1. Trouble is Kamala is so much worse than Biden then what?? Why can’t Biden be impeached for all of the wrong doing that is has done?? Destroying jobs, letting people with Covid into our Country without vetting them first?? How do we FIX this Crisis??

  1. Why hasn’t anyone questioned Biden’s failure to give a State of the Union Address? It should be a big deal!

  2. these executive orders were written by someone else either Barr, Obama, Nancy and then sleep Joe signs them The demon crts didn’t like anything DJT did while President. They wanted to impeach him from day one, they mocked him for filling his promises even thou they tried to prevent him from making America first. The wasted so much of tax payers money in bogus investigations which went back to their demon rat party, Hillary, Obama and others in the party from CSI to FBI all were in it and paid big time under the table like all there shady deals. Each should be indicated, and made to pay all money back plus serve time, would even be good for them to be in center of DC in stockades and baskets of rotten fruit ther to throw at them as they are rotten, I know God is still in control, and he has a reason for all this perhaps to wake us up to see how corrupt DC and our demon rat state leaders are in the states they run where there is no longer any law and order and a lot of destruction. Much of the riot’s were paid from by Soros and other billionaire democrats and BLM even want the money paid to them that Biden promised them if they would riot. HUM………….so who insurrected our Capitol Bldg………..BLM Antifa who have admitted it but new media and investigations still state there is no proof LIARS Time to un-elect each Demon rat House seat and senate and congress too, and also fire the demon rats in FBI CIA AG And others who do not do their job by serving America and her people first, and who do not like America Give them an order pay back wasted money, sell all property and give them enough money to fly to the country of their choice to live in never to return to America again and their family goes with them giving each one Husband, wife, and under age children 1,200 in cash to help them get started in their new country……… you think they would survive long? Also de program them before they leave, and they spill anything it is death penalty by being shot or hung.

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