BREAKING: Joe Biden STABBED In Back – Top Official Reveal The Truth

Eleven former U.S. Border Patrol chief patrol agents wrote a letter to Congress telling the truth about the border crisis. The letter to Congress has exposed the reality of the situation and effectively stabbed President Biden in the back.

Biden has done his best to hide the reality of what is happening on the southern border, but this letter is the final nail in the coffin for Biden’s efforts at obfuscation.

These former Border Patrol sector chiefs have years of experience dealing with situations like what we are experiencing today. Their experience isn’t just limited to the border patrol, as several of them went on to work in the Department of Homeland Security.

The letter they sent to Congress read, “The change in administrations, strong signals in policy changes and security postures at the border has created a hyper-acceleration in the number of undocumented migrants seeking to enter the United States.”

The letter clarifies that the transition from the Trump administration and the Biden administration and the changes that Biden made are what created this crisis that has seen thousands of immigrants rushing the border.

The Border Patrol chiefs went on to instruct Congress that this crisis necessitates several important changes. Congress must pass a comprehensive overhaul of immigration and limit the political interference that keeps border patrol agents from doing their job.

Read the full story here.

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9 Responses

  1. Biden was not stabbed in the back, the border agents told the truth revealing the lies told by Biden and this terrible administration.

  2. How could so many Americans have been so blind ???
    If for no other reason — being attracted to little girls SHOULD be enough

    1. I don’t think Americans were blind. Democrats, big business, unions, mainstream media, courts/judges, RINOs, and the list goes on, united to cheat President Trump out of being re-elected. The figures prove it, however, the groups mentioned, including the Supreme Court and DOJ refused to investigate or even question the facts. 133 million reg voters, Trump has 75+ million votes……that leaves 59 million……Biden gets 81 million votes after midnight on the last day of the elections. Do the math.

  3. Biden wasn’t stabbed in the back! His lack of transparency was exposed! He’s hiding the truth from the American public and should pay the price for that! The sooner this administration is gone the better off yhis ountry will be!

  4. Evil is dark and deceptive: Truth is light and transparent. Where do you think the Biden Administration fits into this? Pretty obvious isn’t it? Lie, Lie, Lie and all will be well is the dems mantra. The American people aren’t smart enough to know that we are lying. SO THEY THINK.

  5. There will be an total blockage and lockdown to ALL Southern Borders will be with military control and as for the Canadian/American borders an extra security measure on any type of illegal immigrants will be turn away.

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