BREAKING: Joe Biden STABBED In Back – Report Shocks White House…

Hans Nichols, a reporter for Axios, dropped a bomb about President Biden’s economic “achievements” during an interview with CNN’s “Inside Politics” on Sunday.

Nichols rightly pointed out that any economic progress that President Biden achieved is “largely irrelevant” thanks to record inflation and unprecedented energy prices.

President Biden recently bragged that he had accomplished “Record job creation. Record unemployment declines. Record wage gains.” But most Americans aren’t listening to Biden’s bragging as they are facing real economic hardship.

Nichols said, “There is one number they can’t really change right now and that is what the placard says at the local gas station and that number is high and that’s a daily jobs report that voters, that Americans, consumers see every day — and there is nothing the White House can do about it other than bring down the price of gasoline.”

CNN is usually a friendly arena for the Biden administration, but things have gotten so bad that no amount of spin can cover up the fact that Americans are suffering because of President Biden.

President Biden’s crusade against fossil fuels has led to the United States relying on foreign sources of energy. Now fuel prices are at never seen heights, and Americans have to swallow the bill every day. It doesn’t take a political science degree to know that spells doom for Democrats in the upcoming midterm election.

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