BREAKING: Joe Biden SNAPS On Live TV – Loses Mind In Public…

President Joe Biden suddenly snapped at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Dean Robin Coger in a bizarre episode that left those who witnessed the incident questioning the President’s state of mind.

Joe Biden was touring the college as part of an overall effort to raise government grants for historic black colleges and universities.

Coger made the mistake of interrupting President Biden to talk about problems many universities were facing. Biden quickly lashed out at Coger, saying, “Believe me, I’ve been to more of them than you have.”

The tension was building as President Biden continued to badger Coger saying, “No, but let me stop for a second, I’m the — I’m a professor. I’m Professor Biden from Penn.”

The President’s bizarre behavior was highly concerning as it appeared that the President wasn’t quite sure where he was or what he was doing.

Many Republicans have rightly scrutinized the President’s mental state ever since he was sworn into office. The President of the United States losing his mind in public is not good considering the international tensions that our nation is facing.

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