BREAKING: Joe Biden Slips In Front Of Nation – White House Unable To…

One of the most consistent ands effective ways for an American President to united the majority of the nation is to point to the providence of God in protecting and preserving our freedom.

So it is a strange slip-up that Joe Biden failed to even mention God in a recent address…especially since the address was on the National Day of Prayer.

“President Joe Biden took an odd approach Thursday to the National Day of Prayer,” writes Joel Pollack. “He issued a proclamation in which he mentioned ‘racial injustice’ and ‘climate change,’ but neglected to mention ‘God.'”

Pollack didn’t miss the greater picture. “The National Day of Prayer offers a rare opportunity for Americans to unite. But Biden couldn’t manage it, placing politics above prayer,” noted Pollack.

“This is the same Biden who ran on a promise to fight for the ‘soul of our nation,’ and whom the sycophantic media call ‘very Catholic.'” said the Breitbart writer.

To read more of Pollack’s column, click here.

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10 Responses

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  3. I ain’t buyin Biden –
    he is a DEEP STATE puppet, moron, idiot, fool, resident, individual, inhabitant, zombie, person the best worthless $atan’s scrip can buy.

  4. He is a dimwitted jerk. He is so non-essential it’s laughable. So no one showed up in Louisiana for that nitwit. Also no one wanted ho harris when she flew in last week. And they really won, huh.

  5. Government is THEIR god. Power is their strength. To acknowledge God
    their will would have to bend to SOMEONE other than themselves. Plus God does not fit in their plan for the communist state they are working so hard to bring about. That omission was not a typing error; nor a staff person error, IT WAS DELIBERATE.

  6. We had a God loving President, but now we have an atheist President. One that isn’t even in good standing in his own church. Christians beware.

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