BREAKING: Joe Biden Slapped In The Face – GOP Governor Shocks Nation

He may be President of the United States, but it doesn’t mean his ideas are good or that governors of states are going to do what he says.

In fact, Gov. Pete Ricketts of Nebraska confirmed he will, in fact, not be doing what Biden asked.

According to Breitbart News, “Ricketts declined a request on Tuesday from the Biden administration to provide housing to migrant children in the state.”

That’s a huge slap in the face to Biden’s leadership and his agenda.

“President Biden has created an immigration crisis on our border with thousands of unaccompanied migrant children coming to our country without their parents or family,” said Ricketts. “Nebraska is declining their request because we are reserving our resources for serving our kids.”

“The Biden administration should focus on working with Central American governments to reunite the children with their families in their home countries instead of pursuing the risky strategy of scattering them across the United States,” said the Republican Governor.

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14 Responses

  1. Wonderful, I hope other state governors do the same. We are wasting $60 million a week of taxpayer money housing illegal alien children.

      1. Great for all those Governors!!!!!!! If States hold out; it will help the crisis & just maybe the Biden Adm. will do what is right for those kids & I like the suggestion of the last paragraph of the article. Those children don’t speak our language, nor are accustom to our environment & would be better off with relatives elsewhere, which, they are familiar. This country needs to take care of our own homeless, out of jobs & welfare people.

    1. it’s all so crazy send the migrants back to their country!!! let them come in legally or NOT AT ALL!!!!

  2. I wish Biden would seriously consider the consequences of his opening WIDE the door of our nation and letting folks FLOOD in. THIS IS CRAZY!!!!

    1. Biden’s consideration isn’t required. Regardless of his personal opinions, he is just the puppet doing exactly what his puppet masters, aka the democratic powers that be, want. They are simply growing their voter base, and that’s all there is to it. At the expense of American citizens when it comes to resources and safety, as well as the integrity of our election system.

  3. I hope other states do the same. It’s Biden’s problem. We should be taking care of our children first.

  4. The blame doesn’t rest solely with Biden. He is just a puppet for Nancy and Chuck, and they are pushing this country into total disaster. Hope all you folks who voted for this poor man feel good about yourselves now!!

    1. I seriously don’t understand how Jill Biden can allow this to continue. As a DR., she surely sees that he is diminishing, unless she is involved somehow in profiting from it. Just sad what we are allowing to happen to our country.

  5. Take the children to Nancy’s mansion, to schumer, to bidens, and the white house lawn, also ho Harris’ place in California.

  6. Parents nourish & care for kids they created, not dropped them off anywhere.Biden should spend his own millions to provide on those he invited to cross the border not any state money. Listen to the media,Biden stated x2,Kamala Harris is president,so who are you.? Biden spending money like there is no tomorrow . For what.?

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