BREAKING: Joe Biden Shocks Nation – Time To ‘END IT’

President Joe Biden has a golden opportunity to shock the nation and end the border crisis after months of floundering that has nearly derailed his administration just months into his first term.

Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA) appeared on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria” and laid out a plan of action that President Biden could take.

Scalise said, “This is something that President Biden created. He got rid of the … Remain in Mexico policy. It was a highly effective tool President Trump used to work with Mexico to keep people seeking asylum on the other side of the border in Mexico while they make those requests. Most of them are denied, by the way, but what is happening now is because they can just walk right across the border.”

Many of former President Trump’s policies that Biden has foolishly repealed were keeping the southern border under control. It isn’t too late for Biden to walk back his changes and implement Trump’s policies.

Scalise continued, “The drug cartels [are] running America’s southern border from Mexico. It is a national crisis. It is a scandal that was completely created by President Biden’s actions. He can reverse it, by the way. We are calling on President Biden to come down and see for himself; don’t … farm it out to Kamala Harris, who won’t come see it for herself. But he needs to reverse the policy. He created this. He can end it.”

This crisis has stretched on far too long, and it is past time for Biden to put an end to it. However, it would be shocking if Biden did the right thing as that would require the left to acknowledge that Trump was right about the border.

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5 Responses

  1. Biden…GUILTY Harris…GUILTY Democrat party….GUILTY Pelosi…GUILTY
    Don’t we usually convict people guilty of a crime? When is that going to happen? We need it to happen RIGHT NOW. Don’t we also prosecute people that are treasonous to the United States? When is that going to happen?

  2. Biden needs to be removed as POTUS – His VP, Kamala Harris should also be removed, as well as the speaker of the House, Pelosi

  3. NUMBER ONE: 39+ years in the military following orders from responsible officers was easy. I overrode a young captain who made a bad decision. My decision as a First Sergeant was supported by the commander of the operation. President Biden. Bad decisions can be fixed if you first realize and admit YOU DID make a bad decision. Trump had the border under control. I will tell you Mr. President that the AMERICAN PEOPLE will respect you a bit more if you do the obvious RIGHT thing and continue with Mr Trumps border policies. There is NO SHAME to admit you were wrong. When the president speaks it is an order.
    NUMBER TWO: You told your VP to take care of the border problem. She has all but REFUSED to go to the border. A simple way to fix this is to put into words a simple statement that a child would understand, “Ms. VP YOU ARE HEREBY ORDERED TO GET TO THE BORDER AND FIX THE PROBLEM”. Surely you as the president of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA should be able to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Right? Or are you really NOT in control
    NUMBER THREE: Your open border is allowing illegals to cross our border unchecked bringing their weapons (guns) with them while trying to restrict
    law abiding AMERICANS gun ownership and their ability to defend themselves. You WILL NOT TAKE OUR GUNS, YOU WILL SECURE OUR BORDERS, YOU WILL STAND LIKE A MAN AND DO THE RIGHT THINGS FOR AMERICANS. My FIRST SGT hat back on. Do you read me mister. LEAD FOLLOW OR GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY.

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