BREAKING: Joe Biden Says It’s OVER – America Stunned

President Joe Biden just said that it is over and millions of Americans are stunned. He made the announcement from the White House.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu informed me that Israel has agreed to a mutual unconditional ceasefire to begin in less than two hours,” said Biden in a statement.

He also expressed his support for Israel’s right to self-defense from Hamas’ terrorist attacks, even pledging to help “replenish Israel’s Iron Dome system to ensure its defenses and security in the future.”

Hopefully, Biden keeps his promise. He has been under heavy pressure from many influential, far-left Democrats to criticize Israel. So far, however, Biden has stood by Israel publicly.

If he is able to successfully maintain our strong relationship with Israel, he has former President Donald Trump to thank. For four years, Trump and Netanyahu formed a special bond.

Together, the two leaders worked tirelessly on peace efforts in the Middle East — while continuing to hold terrorist groups like Hamas accountable for their bloodshed. Biden best not screw it up now.

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